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Summer Newsletter

As we all start packing up for our December and January breaks we'd like to share our quarterly news.

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Editor Comment: In this newsletter we try to do justice to all our breeders and warmblood owners
by featuring a selection of 2021 top performers in the sport as well as fun features
and news from our studs
– Frances Cheboub

SA Warmblood related show results in the last quarter

  • YHPS – Outstanding final series results for registered SAW Horses

  • Horse of the Year results

Future Promise

  • Capital Stud’s Hybrid Auction

SA Warmblood Stallion of the Year &
Top performers

  • Lissabon

  • Jumpers: Callaho Le Cadeau & Callaho Lexington

  • Dressage: Callaho Lincoln & Callaho Llandro

  • Eventing: Callaho Lisandor

When a plan comes together

  • WC 2021 Championships.      "These moments make breeding absolutely worth it."

Eventing - SA Warmbloods excel

  • Sir Galahad

  • Peridot

  • Davenport Resolution

Mirror foaling at Willow stud

  • building up their warmblood sport horse stud

How SAW impacted my Career

  • How has the SA Warmblood Influenced My Career

Our new regional representatives

  • Melanie Lustgarten and

  • Lexi Pote

News & view on our Warmbloods

General News - Where we have everything from foals to show jumpers, dressage etc.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the SAWHS

SAWHS Logo.png

Wishing you all a great Festive Season & Covid free Christmas.

Take Note

We are phasing out our Post Office Box over the coming year. We will use Postnet for couriering or any other convenient service.

Thank you to ALL our Sponsors

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