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Our new regional representatives

New Committee member, Melanie Lustgarten of La Soeur Stud joins us as Western Cape Representative

When coming on board as WC representative Frances asked me to write a horse CV for myself. Being an entrepreneur and self employed business- women, I just want to put everything in point form and thought how do I explain myself in words? So let’s give this a go!

My crazy horse life journey started when my dad put me on his farm horse at 2 years old, there was no turning back. I then got my first Welsh pony that as we all know the shorter the legs the naughtier the horse! Needless to say I spent more time on the ground than on the ponies back but that didn’t stop me!

A 14.3 hh rescue pony arrived on our farm and I was determined to back it after it broke the grooms arm. At 10 yrs old I desensitized and backed my rescue pony who ended up becoming a CA show jumper. From a young age I was obsessed with horses and have always shared my love of horses with my dad and sister.

Later in life I found My true passion in dressage, I am now a dressage rider and dressage judge. The technical requirements of dressage together with try- ing to get them right keeps me going. I just love that feeling of dancing with your horse!

Dressage is why I started to breed warmbloods as a THB movement and capability unfortunately does not live up to the Warmbloods in the higher grades. After coming back from a 2 year travel and work stint in London I chose my first breeding stallion and have progressed ever since. I am completely passionate about breeding and together with the SAWHS I am learning each day with every new de- velopment that comes along!

Breeding is an integral part in the Equestrian sport as a whole in RSA, we have some world class hors- es coming out of the SAWHS studbook and I am looking forward to help develop the WC SAW membership and in turn assist in developing the
equestrian sport in RSA with the breeding of these fine steeds for riders of all disciplines!

Other SAWHS Committee


Chairman: Mindi Hunt until the end of 2021

Treasurer & Gauteng Rep: Claire Martin,

IT and marketing: Amelia Campbell– Horne, Gauteng & Tshwane assistants: Michelle Harding, Shaun West, Maxine de Villiers

Senior Inspector: Sheryl Pote

KZN Rep: Lexi Spaltman-Pote

See more information on every one on our website

New Committee member, Lexi Pote, who is part of The Rivervale Stud Team, joins us as Kwa-Zulu Natal Representative

Horses have always been a rather large part of my life. At the age of 18 months I demanded to get onto any and every horse I could. My mom willingly obliged and says it was the best decision she has ever made. At the age of 5 she bought a fire cracker of a pony who taught me how to sit everything and anything a 3 year old Hackney x THB pony could possibly throw. Despite the numerous bucks, fly leaps, rears and falls the bug had bitten and I was completely hooked!


I have been extremely blessed over the years and was given a young pony to train that took me right to the top of Eventing and Show Jumping. I spent my junior years competing anything I could get my hands on. I was then introduced to an unbacked, rising 7 year old Pohland’s gelding affectionately nicknamed Breezie. Breezie taught me a whole new level of stickability, patience and the importance of a routine. Testing me in every which way possible yet showing me an undeniable amount of talent. This horse also brought on a new love for Dressage (As a kid I hated every aspect of dressage and schooling – So this was a shock!).


At the age of 18, I started working at shows and the competitive riding took a back seat. My passion for organizing grew and soon after starting I was organizing Show Jumping ad Eventing Shows in the Western Cape. I also qualified as a National Eventing Technical Delegate and Event Judge at the age of 24 and will hopefully have my Show Jumping Judge Status before the end of 2022.


I now reside on a stud farm in KZN and have learnt so much about breeding and the important role it plays in our sport. I am excited to work with the new and old studs in KZN to showcase the magnificent horses we have in this province and of course our country. The most incredible family have just gifted me the ride on a little Warmblood Filly, so hopefully I can get back in the ring and join the rest of the Stunning South African Warmblood Horses.

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